To the Mournlands

Field of Ruins / Kurns Tower

The party arrives to a dreary, unsettled, densely fogged Mournlands. as they cautiously trek through the land, undead begins to animate out of the ground, the party frantically starts stabbing any movement in the ground and any other skeletons that approached them.

having found a massive dragon skeleton, they decide to follow the path that lies between the ribs, as if they were pillars lining a walk way. as the skeletal head of a dragon comes to view, they notice a massive shadowy figure standing on top peering out to the distance. they party fleas in the opposite direction and finds the remains of a ruined tower, pushing whatever skeletons that were in their way off the sides as they made their way up the ramp.

The adventurers battle their way through the tower, eventually killing the Leader, an animated corpse that’s flesh has already been half-eaten, exposing bone in those areas. a key was found on this body, that revealed a hidden room behind the enemies throne. an Orb laid upon an alter. Dreki, Rordan, and Tiveer touch the orb with out hesitation and vanish. Suidakra cautiously attempt to grab the orb, and is also teleported, but successfully held on to the orb through out the process.

The Glass Plateau

Crashing landing at the peak of a glass mountain. The party finds themselves just outside the entrance of a cave. Just outside this cave, 3 floating Crystals are found statically placed in a circle. As they make their way into this glass cave, they find Copernicus. He persistently asks for the artifact they found, and after a sense of hesitation, he summons the artifact to his hand once it was in site, and teleports away, laughing.

Fighting through the Labyrinth, the adventures decided to have a little fun and took some time to go sledding with in the structure, setting kobalds and tents into firey blazes. Rordan Diplomatically convinces a Kobald to join their side, and helps them along their journey.

Progressing through the labyrinth, the adventurers come to a glass castle, radiating in light. as the shatter their way through Crystaline Golems, the light becomes brighter and brighter. Tiveer Fashions everyone bad ass sunglasses and leather jackets once the light becomes unbearable to the eyes. upon entering the room the had the source of this light, they find Copernicus who was interrupted mid ritual. He reveals to the party that his real name is Velketor the Illusionist. He goes on to tell them that all along, they have been helping him unleash the scourge from the mournlands. He then casts a spell that makes everyone fall into a subconcious state. During this time, Suidakra and Dreki have visions from their past. Tiveer, has a vision of being mid combat against dragon gaurdians, who were protecting something in a stasis chamber. Both Tiveer and Rordan realize that each of them were in each others visions.

when the party comes to, the room is engulfed with stormy dark clouds, and a Giant Glass Golem charges at them, as Velketor slips away. having defeated the golem, they realize the orb in the center of the room was locked in to place and was being prevented from moving. the next room they find Velketor in his true form. a giant in a robe, sitting at his throne. upon his death. he tells the party that their is something much larger than they can handle going on, and that all the preceding events is only the beginning. they can’t reverse what has been set forth. Velketor teleports away once again, and a teleporter spawns in the center of the room. Tiveer grabs the orb in the previous room that seems to have finally unlatched from its pedestal. The teleporter brings the back outside of Velketor’s Labyrinth. where they see velketor one last time. with the last of his energy, he recharges the crystals, which begin to spin again, and his body disintegrates.

The group reorganizes and rests and discover that the orb, which consumed the compass velketor had fashioned to recharge the orbs magical properties, levitates the group, once a day. examining the spinning crystals, they discover its some form of waypoint, and teleport back to the camp they met.

The wandering adventures camp has been ran sacked. everything has been set on fire, and corpses are scattered through out the camp. one critically injured survivor explains to them that knights on horses and an undead army had raided the camp, however they noticed many robed figures controlling the undead. He tells them that the knights seemed to have resembled the silver flame. and that if they could get the waypoint started again, they should venture out to find out more about the silver flame.

In The Beginning

In the Beginning

The story begins with four separate travelers; Dreki, Rordan Sawyer, Suidakra, and Tiveer Malyn, ending their night at an adventurers camp just outside the Mournlands. Dreki, resting by the campfire, notices Rordan fidgeting in his sleep near by. Upon checking up on Rordan, Dreki learns that his dream that felt so real involved a massive creature attacking a party with in a ring of fire. The dream ended as the monster blasted everyone in to the air, sending him specifically into the fire. Suidakra and Tiveer, who were making small talk at a local traveling merchant see this and also approach Rordan. He explains to them his vision as well.

As the four look around the camp, they notice a group of magi who are performing a ritual. The ritual is being performed around a set of 3 crystals, placed in a circular pattern. Copernicus, the magi overseeing the ritual, is approached by the adventurers. Copernicus explains to them that the natives of the Mournlands have been attacking neighboring towns and camps. The ritual being performed was to help contain the scourge from leaving the Mournlands. However the ritual needed a stronger focus of power, and recruits the adventurers to travel to the unholy land and seek out a magical artifact in Kurn’s Tower, with-in the Field of Ruins. Due to the dense fog that plagues the Mournlands, Copernicus fashions an unreliable magic compass to aid them.

The party goes on their way…


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