In The Beginning

In the Beginning

The story begins with four separate travelers; Dreki, Rordan Sawyer, Suidakra, and Tiveer Malyn, ending their night at an adventurers camp just outside the Mournlands. Dreki, resting by the campfire, notices Rordan fidgeting in his sleep near by. Upon checking up on Rordan, Dreki learns that his dream that felt so real involved a massive creature attacking a party with in a ring of fire. The dream ended as the monster blasted everyone in to the air, sending him specifically into the fire. Suidakra and Tiveer, who were making small talk at a local traveling merchant see this and also approach Rordan. He explains to them his vision as well.

As the four look around the camp, they notice a group of magi who are performing a ritual. The ritual is being performed around a set of 3 crystals, placed in a circular pattern. Copernicus, the magi overseeing the ritual, is approached by the adventurers. Copernicus explains to them that the natives of the Mournlands have been attacking neighboring towns and camps. The ritual being performed was to help contain the scourge from leaving the Mournlands. However the ritual needed a stronger focus of power, and recruits the adventurers to travel to the unholy land and seek out a magical artifact in Kurn’s Tower, with-in the Field of Ruins. Due to the dense fog that plagues the Mournlands, Copernicus fashions an unreliable magic compass to aid them.

The party goes on their way…



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