Velketor The Illusionist

Introduced to the party as a Humanoid, Copernicus, at a Wandering Travelers camp just outside the Mournlands.

The adventurers approached Copernicus as he was overseeing a ritual. After informing the party that the ritual was a protective seal to keep the scourge from leaving the Mournlands, he requested their aid to retrieve an artifact from Kurn’s Tower, in the Field of Ruins. This artifact was to power the ritual to maintain the scourge from escaping the decrepit and dark plain.

As Velketor makes his entry in to the labyrinth in the Glass Plateau, he encounters the adventures once again. discovering that they were in possession of the orb, he persists that he must take the orb to repel the scourge immediately. losing patients with the party, Velketor summons the orb to him once revealed. Laughing mischievously, he teleports out of the room.

Velketor is dropped in on once again as the travelers progress through the Labyrinth. Interrupting his ritual, he quickly locks the orb in place. and manifests his energy in to the orb to create a shock wave that caused a temporary state of unconsciousness. Velketor Quickly Summons a Crystal golem to deal with the party. Velketor’s hands begin to emanate dark smoke. as he raises his hands to the air, the room is engulfed in a dark cloud. Velketor then phases out of the room, escaping the travelers

Velketor The Illusionist

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